GPS Tool for BlackBerry Smartphones

Get Basic/Diagnostic Information about your BlackBerry GPS

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GPS Tool displays basic GPS information such as location, altitude, speed, and heading. GPS Tool also uses OS 5.0 to show the number of satellites, the signal strength and location of each satellite in a pseudo polar coordinate display. GPS Tool can detect partial and complete fixes, keeps track of the "time to complete fix" and provides some insight into what your GPS is doing as it determines coordinates.

GPS Tool will only work on devices running Handheld Version OS 5.0

Autonomous mode GPS troubleshooting hints:

  • Make sure your GPS is on and active:
    1. Open the Options App., goto Advanced Options, then GPS
    2. Set GPS Data Source to "Device GPS"
    3. Set GPS Services to "Location On"
    4. Set Location Aiding to "Enabled" if you have a data connection and you are in a good wireless signal area.
  • Get a clear view of the sky, preferably outdoors; sometimes near a window is good enough.
  • With the Autonomous GPS method the first complete fix may take as long as five minutes. This is a normal part of the process.

With a clear view of the sky, a partial fix should be available within a minute or so. A complete fix depends on the number of satellites visible, and the download time of GPS satellite location information (ephemeris). Enabling 1d) above will decrease the ephemeris download time in a good wireless reception area. In a bad wireless signal area, you may want to temporarily disable location aiding. If the ephemeris data has already been downloaded since your last reboot or major location change a complete fix should follow quickly. None of these things are under the control of GPS Tool, it's just the way Autonomous GPS works.

Version 1.5.3 is the current version

Screen Shots:

Main Screen

Partial Fix

Satellite Information:


Signal Meter

GPS Tool is currently at Version 1.5.3

Scan this QR code with BBM to go to this page on your BlackBerry

GPS Tool requires Device OS 5.x or higher: this is an absolute requirement!

GPS Tool will not work on a BlackBerry 8520 unless you have a Bluetooth GPS unit. The 8520 does not have a internal GPS chip/system.

For your convenience, there is an OTA download for series BlackBerry smartphones running OS5. A Desktop download is also available.

Smartphone System Requirements:

  • OS 5.0 or higher
  • GPS receiver (your GPS must be on for this application to work).
  • 90kB of free memory.

Version 1.5.3:Updates for BB Maps under OS6, many other small bug fixes.
Version 1.2.1:Fixed coordinate display, added mapping with Google or Blackberry maps.
Version 1.1.2:Fixed localization issue, other minor changes
Version 1.0.1:Initial Version.

This application is free, but please consider a donation ($0.99 suggested).


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Scott Presnell
Last modified: Sunday, August 14, 2011 11:39 PDT