GPS Find for BlackBerry Smartphones

Manage and map waypoints, go geocaching, navigate with a wind rose compass

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GPS Find is an app for discovering and marking waypoints with your GPS enabled BlackBerry smartphone. GPS Find can be used as a geocaching tool, or it can be used on an adventure, using the waypoint manager to mark locations as you go.

The main features of GPS Find include:

  1. GPS based location, speed, heading, distance and bearing.
  2. Customizable main screen.
  3. A Wind Rose style Compass.
  4. A Waypoint manager.

The Mainscreen has an adjustable font and layout allowing you to include only the blocks of information you want to see, in any order you wish. Currently the information groups that can be displayed include:

  • Latitutde, Longitude, and Altitude
  • UTM coordinates
  • MGRS coordinates
  • Heading and speed
  • Bearing and distance
  • Time-to-lock and GPS method.
  • Timestamp and Accuracy

The Compass screen contains a windrose compass, and detailed information about speed, heading, and optionally distance and bearing when a destination has been set. When approaching the destination, a "Bullseye" screen is also available, showing a bird's-eye view of your location relative to the destination.

The Waypoint manager includes the following features:

  • Import waypoints from .gpx, .loc and .kml files.
  • Export waypoints to .gpx, and .kml files.
  • Save current location and annotations.
  • Enter/Edit coordinates in Decimal Degrees, Degrees Min, Degrees Min Sec, UTM or MGRS formats
  • Manually enter location and annotations.
  • Set any waypoint as destination (to compute bearing and distance).
  • Map any waypoint using BlackBerry or Google Maps (subject to wireless signal availablity)
  • Send any waypoint in an e-mail, or write to memo.

Other features include:

  • Shows the number of satellites while gaining a coordinate fix (OS5 only).
  • Force the backlight on while using GPS Find.
  • Night mode (screens are red on black)
  • Custom background colors and gradient.
  • Automatic determination of magnetic north for current coordinates (based on NOAA/NGDC/BGS World Magnetic Model)
  • Automatic adjustment of distance units
    • less than .1mi, units change to feet
    • less 1km, units change to meters
  • When device is within 10 meters of destination, the handheld will display a popup message and vibrate.

Screen Shots:

Main Screen

UTM Coordinates

Waypoint Manager:

Waypoint Manager

Waypoint Editor

Compass and Bullseye Screens:

Wind Rose Compass

Compass with custom background

Bullseye View

Arriving at Destination

Night Vision

Mapped Waypoints

Layout Screen:

Options Screen:

GPS Find is currently at Version 1.3.5

Scan this QR code with BBM to go to this page on your BlackBerry

For your convenience, there is an OTA download for BlackBerry smartphones running OS5. A Desktop download is also available.

Smartphone System Requirements:

  • OS 5.0 or higher
  • GPS receiver (your GPS must be on for this application to work).
  • 175kB of free memory.

For devices running OS 4.6 or later, there is also an OTA download, and a Desktop download.

Smartphone System Requirements:

  • OS 4.6 or higher
  • GPS receiver (your GPS must be on for this application to work).
  • 175kB of free memory.

Version 1.3.5: Added methods for entering and editing coordinates in UTM and MGRS formats. Added map based location picker. Updates to night vision mode. Many bug fixes.
Version 1.2.4: Major bug fixed in waypoint manager, coordinate editor. Speed enhancements for waypoint manager, and all around. Better option presentation for low resolution devices. Added points of compass in heading and bearing displays.
Version 1.1.3: Fixed Altitude editing. Better highlight color in Waypoint editor. Registration Information saved on Desktop backup. Better GPS error messages and help. Update and changes for OS4.6
Version 1.0.5:Initial Version.

The trial counts the number of times GPS Find is started. If you want to continue using it past the trial period (seven starts of the program), buy the license key for only $4.99.
Don't forget to provide the PIN number for your BlackBerry smartphone in the "Instructions to Merchant". Your BlackBerry PIN is an eight digit hexadecimal number, such as: 32b1f483.
Use Alt+Cap+H to find your PIN number if you don't already know it.
After receiving notification of your payment and your Blackberry's PIN, a registration key will be generated and sent to the e-mail address of your payal account. Usually, this happens within an hour of purchase.

Buy it now via PayPal, only $4.99


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Scott Presnell
Last modified: Tuesday, February 1, 2011 10:12 PST