by Jason Kelly, July 2000

Dana and I checked out Tango a few weeks ago. Tango serves 'traditional' Spanish food with a Latin twist. It is hard to pinpoint exactly under what category the dishes fall. The sign to the restaurant has a Spanish flag with an Argentenian tango dancer. The bar has a good Rioja wine list, but also boasts its tequila list...the atmosphere does not feel entirely Spanish nor Argentenian nor Latin American...just call it a mezcla!

We enjoyed the food. Also, once we were seated the service was efficient. Getting seated, however, was an ordeal. We did not have reservations and had to wait for about 45 minutes. If you and Scott go to check it out some time, be sure to make reservations in advance, especially on Fridays or Saturdays. Also, parking in this area is horriffic. Plan accordingly.

The mushroom tapa was tasty as was the green bean with jamon (however, still partial to asparagus being used in place of beans for this dish). The jamon serrano/manchego cheese plate was generous for the price. The mixed green salad was good. We had other tapas but I can't remember which ones. The only major disappointment on the tapas that we chose was the tortilla espanola...too much egg...served too warm...yuck! Also, the one thing that the menu lacks is chorizo...big mistake! Finally, this might sound too critical, but I did not like the choice of salty rosemary bread...too strong for full-flavored Spanish food...I prefer plain baguettes for dipping into the oozing sauces! See also the Seattle Times Review.

Stephanie Bloomfield
Scott Presnell
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