La Marcha

by Jason Kelly, July 2000

La Marcha met and exceeded expectations. Unlike Tango, it is strictly a traditional Spanish tapas restaurant. The owner is from Granada and has done an excellent job in creating an ambient tapas venue. La Marcha is an open space with tastefully chosen tile flooring and wood tables. The seating includes plush, cozy booths and tables designed to seat large groups. The bar area is spacious and provides a comfortable waiting area for those waiting to sit for dinner. The layout of the restaurant allows for both intimate dinner talk and larger groups gathering to socialize. The music was nice...mixes of Gipsy Kings and Cesaria Evora with some salsa and Latin rhythms.

We arrived at 8:15 PM. As the sun set and the night came on, the restaurant and bar area became more lively. According to our server, La Marcha will be in some ways like Casa U Betcha was in Belltown several years ago; i.e., dinner and drinks until about 11 PM, then part of the floor is cleared for salsa dancing. (This idea works well. I always like Cases U Betcha. Also, when we were in Phoenix in February, we went to a place called Cafe Pepin in Old Town Scottsdale. After gorging ourselves on too many tapas, we danced salsa and merengue until we dropped. It was a blast!)

The menu at La Marcha boasts traditonal Spanish fare. You can get the old gazpacho and rabo de ox. For our dinner, we sampled the following: pan tostado con jamon serrano, pan tostado con queso de manchego, gambas pil pil (como gambas al' jillo minus sherry or beeth broth), croquettas de pollo, tortilla espanola, and chorizo con pimiento. The gambas, croquettas, and chorizo were superb. The tortilla was nice, but was not served in the manner that I like best. Although it was flavorful, it was served warm and was quite flat. (I am partial to tortilla being served at room temperature and being a thick more potato than egg dish...the only tortilla that I have ever had in a restaurant in the U.S. that has met my expectations is at Cafe Iberico in Chicago.). La Marcha even met my little expectations. It served the proper I got to sop up the remaining goodies in the casitas with my bread!

To drink, we sampled the sangria and a rioja. We did not check out the wine list in detail, but it was refreshing to note that it had a Spanish flavor!

For dessert, we had the flan. It was quite tasty!

I give La Marcha an 8.5 to 9.0 out of 10.

Stephanie Bloomfield
Scott Presnell
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